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Welcome to BioTrivia. I am Venkateshwar , your Gatekeeper. You may or may not know me, it’s ok I haven’t done anything big yet .For those who don’t, I am a Biochemistry student (that explains the BIO) and I love TRIVIA (Tada… the Site’s name).

close up shot of people pointing to a sight seeing map
Heyy.. take a tour of our site, you will find lots of awesome content here!!! Pic Courtesy:Photo by Janis Oppliger on Unsplash

I want this site to have content (all kinds of it-trivia,poetry…) provided by a whole bunch of people who want to share their ideas because I want my site to be a common ground for people with different Ideas, fields of Interest.

So people who wanna get featured please contact me and impress me with your content (trust me its easy to impress me).

E-mail me at: or use this site’s contact page.


Author: Mr.P.Venkateshwar, BioTrivia site Admin.

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