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Bakuchiol – A useful and valuable plant extract

Dr Lingayya Hiremath, Dr Praveen Kumar Gupta Supreet Arabi, Swaroop G M, Sagar P T

Bakuchiol is a plant based extract having numerous application and uses in medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Current scenario of cosmetic industry has shown the deviation towards use of non-synthetic and natural material for production as well as utilization. In order to cope up with current trend and demands, this blog tries to throw some light on a biological molecule which has both cosmetic as well as pharmaceutical application with proven laboratory data. Bakuchiol is a trepinoid molecule derived from a south Asian plant called Psoralea coryfolia which as potential medicinal properties and widely used in traditional Ayurveda medicines and formulations to treat skin anomalies etc. Bakuchiol is an active pharmaceutical molecule which has a potential to sideline the over utilized retinoic acids and retinol compounds which captured the cosmetic industry for decades for their anti-aging, skin smoothening, skin rejuvenation, dark spot reduction and anti-acne property but retinols also bring their own fair share of problems to tables, like skin irritation, redness, dry skin, rashes and even worse for pregnant women where it has shown possible defects in fetus. The current retinol concentration in the cosmetic product is between 0.0015% and 0.3% which is enough to go rogue and damage your skin. The balance between skin irritation and its effectiveness has not been resolved yet, hence in order to trouble shoot these self, chemically induced irritations and rashes most folks flock to traditional and natural products.
Now coming back to Bakuchiol, the molecule with formula C18H24O costs around 40,000 to 60,000 rupees for 95% grade liquid extract. Whereas a minimum of 2% retinol extract costs around $50. Therefore, it makes a lot of commercial sense to opt for natural alternative retinol with minimal side effects.
Finally, bakuchiol not only has cosmetic applications of retinols but also pharmaceutical properties like antimicrobial activity, antioxidant activity, antifungal activity, anti-inflammation, anti-pyretic activities, anti-tumor activity, anti-aging activity and list goes on…, thus rebranding itself as cosmeceutical product and revolutionizing the current synthetic cosmetic industry into more reliable, natural, alternative. Thus bringing more onto the table than retinolic compounds in cosmetic application.

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