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Uyiri 1.0 – Webinar series by BioTrivia

We, human beings are all powerful. We can mow down hectares of forests in a single day, kill Majestic Beasts with the squeeze of a finger, make gigantic elephants kneel before us. But today a speck of dust, a piece of genetic material packed inside an organic coat has humbled us. Maybe it is nature’s way of warning us, that we are after all not invincible.

If we continue to act recklessly, destroying everything in our path…, then Mother nature will have to make the next lesson harsher. We can only live by co-existing with other organisms.
To coexist with other species we have to first understand them. With that in mind we bring
you Uyiri 1.0 a series of webinars that will help you understand other living organisms, and how interdependent we are.

“We can only live by co-existing with other species”

The term “Uyiri” in classical Tamil means Life, all living beings. Life is rare, and life is to be cherished. Uyiri 1.0 is our little attempt in cherishing Life.

cherish life biotrivia uyiri1.0
…Let us all cherish life…

Bats and Public Health :

With the advent of this pandemic, Bats have risen to infamy. People blame them for all the misery this pandemic has caused us. But what they forget is only because they were in the wet market that it became possible for SARS CoV2 to affect us, Homo sapiens.

Dr. H. Raghuram from the American College, Madurai has studied these curious creatures for the better part of twenty years of his research career. Join us on 20th June 2020, 11:30 AM to attend our first webinar on Bats and Public Health.

Sea Turtles of the Indian coast – Challenges in Conservation :

The second webinar in our series is going to be focusing on our coastlines. The breeding grounds for several turtle species. Dr. S. Somasundaram, the head of the department of zoology in the Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College, Pollachi will be presenting the importance of indian coastlines for the reproduction and thus the survival of indian turtle species and the challenges facing them.

For Registration :

Sea Turtles of the Indian coast registration link.

Download the Brochure here!


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