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Covid-19 infographic, when will the pandemic end ?  SARS-CoV2
..An infographic brought to you by BioTrivia..

Articles on Covid -19

The Beginning of the End

VIRUSES. The conquerors of life. Microscopic agents that can transform the face of the earth into a remarkable dystopian version of itself and make upheaval and unpredictability daily realities. Where did they come from? Why do they exist?

Activity of covid19 :

This article talks about the entry of the SARS CoV2 virus into the human body, what are the Diagnostic methods being used and also how to prevent them.

Corona Virus? COVID-19? SARS CoV2 …?

what is the actual name of this notorious virus-cum-Jailor, who is forcing us to stay inside our houses and live with a constant threat of death just like the way we force other animals to live? That is the question this article is trying to answer.

retro boxing poster featuring the corona virus fighting the immune system

Pathogens and our immune system are constantly brawling. If a pathogen challenges our Immune system, the immune system needs some time to analyse the enemy(antigen) and prepare countermeasures (antibodies).Untill the immune system gets ready, it is the body that has to endure the pathogen’s deadly punches.If the pathogen wins, the person dies. Knock out. No second round.And if the immune system won and the pathogen was evicted from our body, the immune system will keep a record of the countermeasures used to defeat the pathogen in the form of memory cells.If there ever came a second round the immune system will be ready and the retaliation will be deadly, so deadly that the pathogen will have no chance of getting a foothold in our body.

A way to beat this pandemic..

If there’s a way to beat this pandemic, it is to be resourceful. Follow us to get COVID-19 resources and infographics delivered to your inbox.

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