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Tag: Biotrivia

ants killing their own pupa

GMOs: Critics, Politics and Positive aspects

We have heard several rumours about GMOs being evil and how it muddles up our faith in consuming natural food, bringing ethics into play but if we look at it from a viewpoint of someone who belongs to a scientific community, we will see the greater good it would do to the mankind.

laparoscopy instruments from wikipedia

What is Laparoscopy and Cholecystectomy

In Laparoscopy what happens inside is usually same as the open surgery procedure but the procedure to access is different. When compared to traditional open surgery, this surgery requires only 3 small incisions in the patient’s abdomen.

Spider crawling on a terrified man's face

What happens when a spider bites you?

Most spiders are harmless to human beings because both their fangs and their venom are not meant for us.But it does not mean that there are no spiders capable harming us or even killing us, because there are.

The Neural Signatures of Consciousness

Being one of the ‘final frontiers’ of modern science, many scientists regard the Holy Grail of scientific advances to be the elucidation of the concepts underlying consciousness. And yet, despite the ongoing efforts, reaching the final answer still seems like an inconceivable feat.

Image showing green DNA on a black background

What is Biochemistry?

A great part of an aspiring biochemist's time is spent in understanding biomolecules. Biomolecules are ...

A man sculpting a wood piece carefully

Why your fingerprints are unique?

Read to find the reason why your fingerprints are unique. We all know that our fingerprints are unique, but do you know the reason for it's uniqueness.